The Joy of the Elderly!

Seniors can be forgetful, stubborn, confused, demand your attention like a 4 year old, hide bad behavior like a 2 year old, cute, funny, and we love them!

My 90 year old father came to the dinner table, pulled out his chair and found two rolls of toilet paper, he said do you know who put those here? I said I didn’t know. He said I am out in my bathroom. I commented that maybe if he put them on his walker instead, they would get to the bathroom next time. He was agreeable and did that. We ate dinner, when he stood up to grab onto his walker, he said do you why those are there? Hahaha, I just have to chuckle!

At Age With Grace In-home Healthcare, we are committed to making sure that individuals receive loving care that will keep them safe and enhance their quality of life!

I am lucky to work with Tanna as a partner she will put together the right care plan for your loved one.Tanna is passionate about good care, she has a degree in Human Services and has spent 17 years in Elderly and Disabled adult care. She managed group homes and supervised assisted living residences. She is an exceptional person that will always do the right thing while maintaining an outstanding work ethic. She is one of the most disciplined, compassionate people I have known. She finds great joy in working with people who have been giving so much to their families and communities and feels it a privilege to give back!

I have 15 years of experience in healthcare as well as caring for two aging parents. My mother passed away 9 years ago of Leukemia. Now I care for my 90 year old father, it is both challenging and delightful! As I navigate this world of the elderly, I am passionate about helping other families go through this process with less stress and more joy!

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