Personal Daily Living Assistance 

Bathing, dressing, shaving, and nail care, etc.

  • You or your loved one can choose when they get up in the morning, bathe, eat, play games, exercise, etc.  We cater to their wants and needs in the comfort of their home.  Their caregiver will assist and allow each client to make as many decisions as possible so they can maintain their independence, all in the comfort of their own home.  Their trusted, friendly, qualified caregiver can help the client with bathing, shaving, nail care, dressing and other personal care tasks.  


  • We offer help with morning routines to provide a good start to the day with safe hygiene and a good breakfast, and evening routines to ensure a great nights rest.  


  • Our personal caregivers are trained to help with restroom use from limited assistance to help with incontinence.  We proceed with professionalism, respect, and sensitivity to this private matter.


  • This assistance ranges anywhere from simply reminding the client of the task, to full assistance in completing the task.


  • In our experience, seniors still take pride in the way they look and we can assist them in looking their best as well as being clean and feeling fresh.

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