Light Housekeeping

Vacuuming, dusting, making beds, washing clothes, organizing, gardening, etc.

  • When your senior lives in a clean organized home, they have a better sense of well being.  These simple tasks become more difficult with age, and having their personal caregiver disinfect and wipe away germs from tables, countertops, and any nooks and crannies will ensure greater health for them and peace of mind for their family.


  • Organizing the kitchen and bathrooms will create a safe environment, free from wet floors, tripping hazards, sharp tools, and any other danger that may be present.


  • Their appearance is still important to them but laundering clothes can become too difficult.  We will take care of this and make sure the sheets are clean and fresh as well.  Climbing into a bed with crisp clean sheets is THE BEST!  That’s what we want for you and your loved one!

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