Running Errands

  • Having concerns about your aging or disabled loved one driving? Pay attention to those concerns, because your gut feeling is often correct when it comes to this issue.  Some other signs that it may be time to talk about  handing over the keys may include:  declining vision, slow reaction time, parking tickets, extra dings on the car, accidents, getting lost, losing keys, running out of gas, etc.  With Age With Grace, they don’t need to give up on going out.


  • Our caregivers can drive them to doctors’ appointments and stay with them to ensure all instructions are received and followed.  Making and keeping doctors’ appointments may become too confusing, so we can organize these appointments and make sure they arrive and follow their doctor’s orders.


  • Life errands can become overwhelming when it comes to picking up prescriptions, standing in line at the post office, and library book pick ups and returns.  Your Age With Grace caregiver can accompany you to accomplish these errands or do them for your loved one while they read a book, garden, or anything else they would rather do.

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